Engraving is FREE on all trophies and awards, so it's good to know the prices you see are the prices you will pay without any hidden extras.

There are 2 ways you can supply us with your engraving details;

  1. Email your engraving details to us by choosing Option 1 during the ordering process. Please see the EMAILING TEXT DOCUMENTS section below for acceptable file types.
  2. Use the Online Form by choosing Option 2 and simply follow the prompts during the ordering process to type your engraving directly in the form provided as you order. 

Our team will expertly engrave the information you have provided onto the award or trophy.  We are confident that you will be very happy with the engraving quality of the awards that you order. 

All engraving text will be centred in the area it is to go on.  The size of the text will depend on what our experienced engravers determine looks the best, the size of the space available and the amount of engraving you require. We use high quality engraving materials and state of the art engraving technology to create beautiful results. 

*Important* Note that for Corporate Awards we will email you a proof of the artwork for your approval before we proceed with the engraving process.  If we do not get a response from you within 2 business days, we will assume there are no changes to be made and we will go ahead with the work to ensure we meet your deadline.

Awards and Trophies quite often engraves awards for our customers in foreign languages.  As we are unable to proof your order, we do require you to provide us your engraving info as a PDF file - with fonts converted to curves.  Call us to discuss if you're unsure how to do this. You will receive an artwork proof for you to approve before your order goes to production.


The preferred file formats for uploading logos or images for engraving are:

  • (.eps) Encapsulated Post Script  * (preferred)
  • (.ai) Adobe Illustrator  * (preferred)
  • (.pdf) Portable Document Format 
  • (.cdr) Corel Draw 

We can also accept (.jpg) JPEG images or (.bmp) Bitmap, however in most cases it is more difficult to achieve a good result with these types of files. 

You can easily find out what format your image is by hovering your cursor over the unopened file; a small information box will appear which will include the image type.  We recommend that the image provided by you be 300 dpi or greater.  Generally images smaller than 20kb don't have enough quality.

You should check the quality of your image before sending it through to us by enlarging it on your computer screen.  If it's really blurry, it's going to engrave like that.  The better quality image you can provide us, the better it will look engraved.  

Logos that are provided to us in a low quality format often require us to 'optimise' the image (this involves turning the logo to grayscale, bitmapping and then tracing the image) so that it can be engraved.  Whilst we make every effort to improve the quality of the original image, it is difficult to do if starting from a poor quality image in the first place.

You will not pay any extra for logo set-ups, so as with text engraving, you know there are no hidden extras.  Our competitors usually charge a fee of between $50-$100 to set-up your logo.  They say their fee covers the time involved to convert the logo into an engravable format; however, at Awards and Trophies we don't charge any fees because we ask that you provide your logo in a format that is already compatible with our software, and this keeps the price down for you. 

Emailing Text Documents

If you wish to place an order that requires a lot of engraving information, it is possible to email your engraving information to us (by choosing option 1 during the order process) in an attached text document. 

The acceptable types of text documents for this attachment are:

  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls) (.xlsx)
  • Word document (.doc) (.docx)
  • Other text documents (.txt) (.rtf)

Just set out the document in an easy to read format with so we can easily determine your requirements. 


Club Name 
Team Name - Year 
Player's Name 

Club Name 
Division - Year 
Player's Name 
Team Name 


Lost for words?  Don't know what to write?  Here are some suggestions for engraving to help you get some ideas.

Typical Format:


Field Description / Text Example


What it will look like...


Line 1: Award type (optional)


Line 2: Acknowledgement

Presented to

Line 3: Recipient Name - CAPS


Line 4: Inscription

Your tireless dedication
is an example to all

Line 5: Date

May 2007

Line 6: Company/club Name and/or Logo
(the logo may be placed at the top or bottom, depending on the shape of the logo and also the shape of the award)


Suggestions for Line 1: "Award Type"


  • Sales Excellence Award
  • Teamwork Award
  • Employee of the Year / Month
  • Best and Fairest
  • High Flyer Award
  • Service Excellence Award
  • Consistency Award
  • Most Improved

Suggestions for Line 2: "Acknowledgement"

  • Presented to...
  • Awarded to...
  • Congratulations!
  • Thank you
  • With Thanks
  • Honouring...
  • In Recognition of...

Suggestions for Line 4: "Inscription"

  • In recognition of your outstanding performance as supplier of Colgeroon Pty Ltd 
  • Congratulations on attaining 125% of your sales goal for 2007
  • In appreciation of twenty years of outstanding & loyal service
  • In recognition of your outstanding dedication, commitment and personal leadership
  • In recognition of your outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction
  • In recognition of your outstanding efforts in keeping our sales team motivated
  • In recognition of your drive & dedication
  • In grateful appreciation for your outstanding & dedicated service to the people in your community
  • For your Foresight and Vision
  • For turning your ideas into reality
  • In Recognition of Your Efforts



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