Rae Fitzgerald Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Rae Fitzgerald - Dame Rae

Meet Rae, one of our longest serving staff members (and partner to Dispatch Don).  Rae is the Assembly Matriarch, and is responsible for teaching new staff how to assemble, handle and care for the awards and trophies before they're packed and dispatched.  Rae has infinite patience for training others, which is just as well because she trains an army of casual help every busy season! 

While originally from NZ, Rae now loves the Wallabies and admits (not under duress) that Pavlova and Crowded House are in fact Australian.  And Russell Crowe is a phone slinging kiwi.  When she finally retires Dame Rae plans to renounce her kiwi citizenship and challenge her fellow kiwi Barnaby for his spot in the Senate.

Vital Stats

AKA Rae Baby or Dame Rae

Role:  Assembly Supervisor

Likes:  Fresh air and sunshine near water, her cat, her dog and telling Dispatch Don how to wash the dog.

Dislikes:  Being shut indoors.  Sleeping.

Claim to Fame:  She's been in Australia so long she can't remember how she got here.

Hero:  Her father – very artistic, despite the time it took him to do the perfect job he always did!

Favourite movie:  Old Yellar (the Russell Crowe version).

07 3368 3895