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Ken Wang - Shuttlecock

Meet Ken, our quiet achiever in Receivals (the Receiver Achiever).  Ken's the guy responsible for keeping our warehouse running like clockwork and making sure our production team gets everything they need on time.  Ken, formerly a Samurai, wears rubber soled shoes so he can move stealthily around the warehouse in search of hiding Ronin (and the occassional salesperson crossing demarcation lines). 

Like all good Samurai, Ken loves his Mum's cooking.  Every day she makes him '1000 year old eggs', a wonderful Chinese delicacy of boiled eggs marinated in horse's urine.  When not working, Ken can be found with a badminton racquet in one hand and a glass of fine wine in the other; his Samurai skills preventing him from spilling a single drop.

Vital Stats

AKA Bob-bob-ken

Real Role:  Receivals

Likes:  Badminton, Pickleball & Tamburello.  Hiking.  Wine

Dislikes:  Impolite people.  Hangovers

Claim to Fame:  The family name refers to King’s descendants.  I could be royalty..

Hero:  Chuck Feeney

Favourite Movie:  The Shawshank Redemption.  The Last Samurai.
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