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Debbie Cross - The Travel Agent

Meet Debbie, our lovely Quality Control, Proofing Princess Social Club Coordinator!  Debbie works tirelessly in the background ensuring that each customer's job is checked & double checked (and sometimes corrected..).  Around the office Deb is known as a fiend for pineapple cookies, nobody leaves them unattended around her because they'll disappear in a flash.  Despite being a pineapple pilferer, Deb is far too nice to work in this office and we're not sure how she puts up with the constant banter bouncing around her.  Deb's secondary role (and most important one) is organising functions for the Social Club; the last one was at a brewery so for now she's keeping the job..

When she's not munching on pineapple biscuits, working or with family, Deb really enjoys the volunteer work she does at her kid's school (told you she was nice..) & travelling at every opportunity.  She once made a monkey faint in Bali.

Vital Stats

AKA The Travel Agent

Real Role:  Quality Control

Likes:  Travelling, travelling and more travelling.  Spending quality time with my husband and 2 sons.  Cooking and eating (pineapple cookies), Yoga, Junk Mail, soft cheese and cups of tea (not neccessarily together).

Dislikes:  Flies, Ants, Mosquitoes.  Spelling mistakes!  Rude people.  Ironing

Claim to fame:  Can iron, eat pineapple cookies and proof customer artwork at the same time.

Hero:  My cousin Belinda (but she doesn’t know it!)

Favourite Movie:  Chocolat.  For the last 7 years I think I have only watched kids movies!
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