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Sam Ekanayaka - Dr Hibbert

Meet Sam, our wonderful Production Manager!  He leads the Engraving and Production team and he may be OCD, so he does everything in a super-organised and timely fashion.  Sam is our Costco dealer... he can get you anything you want including 10kg tubs of Nutella and coffins.  Like most dealers he has a pair of clown shoes hanging on the telephone lines outside his house.  He has the best laugh in the world, he sounds like Dr Hibbert from the Simpsons and you can't not smile when he laughs.  He's also the office Agony Aunt and everyone’s go-to man for first aid, physical and mental! 

Sam's full name is Rajapakse Mudiyanselage Thilanga Sameera Ekanayaka - but we just call him Rajapakse Mudiyanselage Thilanga Sameera Ekanayaka (okay, just SAM).  When not working Sam likes to shave patterns in his beard and hang out at Costco. But he does not like green eggs and ham.

Vital Stats

AKA The Psychologist, Dr Hibbert

Real Role:  Production Manager

Likes:  Being a Dad, his wife & son, his new house.  VW Beetles.  Costco.   His beard.

Dislikes:  Migraines (poor chap can’t eat chocolate).  Nutella. 

Claim to Fame:  Perfectionist (may be OCD J).  Sounds like Dr Hibbert from the Simpsons.

Hero:  My son, Seyaan.  My boss, Russ. ((thanks Sam, let's talk about that pay rise))

Favourite Movie:  August Rush.  Sex lives of the Potato Men.
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