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Chanthana Doyle - The Telephone Ninja

Meet Chanthana, our quiet achiever in Sales.  She’s one of the helpful voices you might hear on the other end of the phone, or dealing with your online trophy orders.  Chamantha has a lifelong dream of professionally playing the melodica.  Failing that, she's happy to play the pianica, blow-organ, key harmonica, or melodyhorn.  She loves cats and Pusheen and can kill any plant you put in front of her, no matter how resilient they say it is.  Known as the Telephone Ninja, Chanthana's lightning quick phone pick ups are legendary in the office.  Despite bringing in the best-smelling lunches, she admits to being the only Asian in the world who cannot use chopsticks..

When Chanthana's not working she satiates her desire for online shopping, watches YouTube videos of cats playing the melodica and researches how to keep plastic plants alive.

Vital Stats

AKA Telephone Ninja, Chamantha

Real Role: Sales / Customer Service

Likes: Cats and Happy People.  The Melodica.  Her favourite word is 'moist'.  

Dislikes: Flying Cockroaches.  Chopsticks.

Claim to Fame: “The Fake Asian”

Hero: Doraemon.  Pusheen.  Brian Griffin.

Favourite Movie: The Transformers
07 3535 1118