Russ Colpoys Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Russ Colpoys - The Barista

Meet Russ, our illustrious leader!  He is the owner of this thriving business, who has a wonderful philosophy about working with the right people – hard-working, fun-loving and willing to develop professionally.  Russ's primary role at work is cooking the monthly work BBQ, burning sausages for the hungry masses, and occassionally the hair off his arms.  But that's cool because hair's over-rated anyway.  He also fancies himself as a barista, attempting artwork on coffees - he calls it artwork anyway. 

When he’s not working hard marketing, developing the business (and BBQing), he stays fit and has fun by falling off his mountain bike, building back decks for the staff and looking after his family.  Russ secretly covets the office 'tool of the month' trophy despite being way too cool to win it.

Vital Stats

AKA The Barista, Russ the Muss, Rastus

Real Role:  The Boss

Likes:  Downhill mountain biking, coffee, Football (ie the world game), beer.

Dislikes:  Uphill mountain biking, making everyone coffee, breaking collar bones...

Claim to Fame:  Looks like Dr Evil.  Acts like Dr Evil.  

Hero:  Mini Me

Favourite Movie:  Sex lives of the Potato Men, Austin Powers.