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Harjeet Kaur - The Lady of Lipstick

Meet Harjeet, our quietly spoken and hard working all-rounder, who can slip seamlessly into any busy area.  Harjeet is a smart cookie from way back, with a degree in Computing Application and a major in Lipstick Collection.  She didn't know what she was in for when she volunteered to re-do all the product imaging & videos for our website; 9 months, 10,000+ images and 3000+ videos later, Harjeet was still stoically plugging away creating beautiful images.  Most of the time though you'll find her quietly doing her thing in Production, going about her work with cheer and a ready smile :) 

When not working, Harjeet has a penchant for collecting lipstick, her collection includes a colour for each day of the year.   She's also a sucker for a good curry, which doesn't always mix with the lipstick.  She loves collecting shoes, her favourite being her prized Addidas gold sneakers.  Yep, move over Harry Kane..

Vital Stats

AKA  Bollywood, Lipstick

Real Role:  Assembly / Product Admin

Likes:  Doing big jobs with a packet of chips and chocolate close by, going to the beach, cooking different curries, the beautiful embroidery and gold trim traditional Indian suits that my mother makes for me.  Lipstick & shoes..

Dislikes:  Not wearing lipstick.  Wearing dull clothes.  Lipstick on my shoes.

Favourite Pastime:  Online shopping (for lipstick & shoes)

Dietary Needs:  Chocolate, chips & curry (If I could combine all three I'd call it Chocolate Chip Vindaloo).  If I can't get a good curry I'm happy to go with the Aussie equivalent; pasta covered in BBQ sauce.