Alexandra Montoya Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Alexandra Montoya - La Niña

Meet Alex, our lovely Chilean super engraver.  Alex, the hardest working person at Awards & Trophies, moves like a latin dancer around the engraving department, whipping jobs in and out of engraving machines with speed & grace.  She has the workshop record for having the most engraving machines running simultaneously.  Alex also has the workshop record for being the only Engraver ever to set fire to one of our machines. 

Axel loves to dress nicely and is the first one to complain when the music stops.  She loves beetroot salad, coffee flavoured lollies and goes through ten lemons per week on average.  When not working Alex loves to make beautiful creations in stained glass and watch Fireman Sam re-runs on YouTube.

Vital Stats

AKA Pyro, La Niña, Axel

Real Role:  Engraver

Likes:  Chocolate, chilean wine, travelling, dogs, 80's and 90's music, creating my owned stained glass and complaining (my boyfriend says) and watch sex and the city, mix Spanish with English language.

Dislikes:  Mosquitos, the gym, eating healthy (but tries hard).

Claim to Fame:  Could beat the Cookie Monster in a cookie eating contest.

Hero:  My mom (my motivation and inspiration to be artist and designer) and my lovely boyfriend that supports me every day, like a bra hahaha!!!, Fireman Sam to help me put out the fires.

Favourite Movies:  Greece, all Harry Potters, X-men, most comedies and mysteries.
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