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Fran Wilson - The Tool Moderator

Meet Fran, our chirpy Graphic Designer and Product Administrator.  Fran's sense of mischief and slightly naughty influence at work keeps everyone on their toes, with a smile on their face!  Jeremy might think he's running the sales team, but we know who's really in control..  As well as moderating the office 'tool of the month' award, Fran has proudly taken over the role of sausage queen; she has the plum job of supplying sausages for the monthly work BBQ.  She's also legendary around the office for busting some pretty cool moves at our Xmas bash, although since that fateful night a few years ago, her form has been on the wane. 

When Fern's not working at the sausage factory, she likes hanging out with her boyfriend and her doggies, watching Star Trek and dreaming up her own nominations for 'tool of the month'.

Vital Stats

AKA Sir Frank, W (Dubya), Fern

Real Role: Graphic Design / Product Administrator

Likes: Reading, Cycling, Dogs, Tea, Star Trek, Olives.  Busting moves at the Xmas party.  A good sausage.

Dislikes: Early Mornings, Sunburn, Olives.

Claim to Fame: Having the most nominations for the company 'Tool of the Month' trophy.  Busting moves at the Xmas party.

Hero: Captain Jean-Luc Picard (nerdy I know, but he’s so cool and he looks like my boss..)

Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing (at the Xmas party) or anything by Hayao Miyazaki
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