Don Stephens Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Don Stephens - Chief Dogwasher

Meet Dispatch Don, our resident photographer (the reason he's in none of our team photos..), former South Australian and partner to Dame Rae (Don's boss in every sense..) and chief dog washer.  After renouncing his South Aussie citizenship, hooking up with a Kiwi and becoming a Banana Bender, Don has slowly become passionate about Rugby League and Rugby Union while finally realizing that Aussie Rules is a bastardized cross between Netball & Gymnastics. 

When not working, Don loves to watch old western movies, take photos of trains, drink beer in 1950's pub glasses and wash Rae's dog (@ Don's Dirty Dogwash).

Vital Stats

AKA  Donza, Duck, Dispatch Don

Real Role:  Dispatch

Likes:  Long walks on the beach, what Rae tells me to like, Australia and everyone who lives here, my children and grandchildren, Rae, Europe.  Trains.

Dislikes:  Sushi, peanut paste, nutella, hommus, anybody who does not follow AFL.

Claim to fame:  Said hello to QE 11 once (not the ship, the other one) world class collection of pre 1960 pub glasses.

Hero:  John Wayne, Carl Ditteritch and Great Uncle Charles.  Mostly Dame Rae.

Movie:  The Searchers and A Town Like Alice.  Trainspotting.
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