Stephanie Bongers Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Stephanie Bongers - Chief Unicorn Groomer

Meet Stephanie, one of the lovely voices at the other end of the phone and possibly the sanest person in the sales team.  Super Stephy quietly buzzes around the sales area and showroom helping customers and defeating villains.  While readily admitting her love of Chocolate and ice cream, Steth's secret fetish for mermaids, unicorns, makeup and glitter is a cause for concern.  Stephanie is able to sit in her chair for long periods without numbness or fatigue. 

When not working Super Stephy can be found hanging out at makeup counters in major department stores or loitering with her magic want and unicorn outfit at kid's parties.

Vital Stats

AKA  Steth, Super Stephy

Real Role:  Sales / Customer Service

Likes:  Animals, Beach Trips, Video Games, and anything Rose Gold, Hello Kitty, Mermaids, Unicorns, Makeup & Glitter.

Dislikes:  Slow Internet, Loud Noises, Coriander, Elevators.  Not wearing makeup.

Hero:  Dad A.K.A Mr Bongers =]

Favourite Movie:  The Mask (with Jim Carrey).  Sparkles the Unicorn.

Dietary Needs:  Chocolate and Ice Cream
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