Clea Laird Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Clea Laird - L`artiste

Meet Clea, marketing princess and design diva and aspiring artist!  With many years of industry experience behind her, Clea calmly works away creating beautiful marketing campaigns for the business and beautiful artwork for our customers.  She also has the plum role of helping Deb organise functions for our Social Club; the last one was at a brewery, so she's still got the job. 

Clea has a penchant for soft cheese, even the rancid stuff with mould in it apparently.  She burns away the cheesey calories while she works by having her electric stand up desk permanently progammed to cycle up and down.  When Clea is not working hard she is studying Information Technology and caring for her lovely kiddies, husband, the Pug and her chickens.  We think the Pug take precedence, although the husband is pretty dependent.  In rare moments Clea has time to herself, she loves to break out the paint and the canvas whip up a masterpiece.  

Vital Stats

AKA L'artiste 

Real Role:  Marketing Co-ordinator / Gaphic Designer

Likes:  Painting, yoga, travel, cider, half pugs and pugs, second hand shopping, festivals, horse riding,
camping and the beach.  Gorganzola.  My stand up desk.

Dislikes:  Big grasshoppers.

Claim to Fame:  Has travelled to over 40 countries 

Hero:  Lee Lin Chin and David Attenborough.

Favourite Movies:  Spirited Away, Momento, Argo, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Revenge of the Killer Grasshoppers (directed by Jeremy Stevens), The Big Cheese.
07 3535 1111