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Andre De Wet - The General

Meet Andre, our South African General Manager.  His new position has given him wings to help make this wonderful organisation fly!  He works hard to streamline business processes and procedures, adding a liberal dose of e-commerce magic.  He manages staff with a gentle hand which helps to make our workplace a pleasure to be in.  Andre has been known to exist for days at a time on nothing but coffee & biltong. 

When he's not bandaging himself up after mountain biking mishaps, Andre is comparing the best places to buy biltong in Brisbane and spending time with his wife (the wahf), the dog and the daughter.  While not quite yet an Aussie, moving to Australia has has enabled Andre to come out of the closet and admit his secret love for the Wallabies..

Vital Stats

AKA  General de Wet, Saffer

Real Role:  General Manager 

Likes:  Golf, Beer & Mountain Biking.  Pohking my koh (ie parking my car).  Wearing lycra.  

Dislikes:  Road Cyclists, particularly when they're wearing lycra.

Claim to Fame:  Braai Master  (ie Saffer BBQ Tong Master)

Hero:  Superman.  The Wallabies.  The All Blecks.

Favourite Movie:  007 Thunderball(s)
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