Ying Hunt Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Ying Hunt - Dispatch Executive Assistant

Meet Ying, our dispatch executive assistant.  Ying takes great pride in her work and loves making sure everything she puts together is perfect for the customers.   Every now and then she makes a big Thai curry and brings it in to work for everyone. She's our own Imelda Marcos; she owns a million pairs of glasses -  her personality is as colourful as her frames!  Ying loves Fran and wishes she was her daughter, she brings her flowers for her hair most days.  She's loud and fun and always up for a good time. 

Ying loves to help others and is an active volunteer in the community.  While not busy working & volunteering, Ying stays fit and healthy with yoga and taking care of her hubby & 3 boys.


Vital Stats

AKA Ying Ying Chicken Wing

Real Role:  Assembly / Dispatch

Likes:  Any type of food and all types of fun

Dislikes:  Feeling sad and sad things

Claim to Fame:  Hostess with the mostest and the best Thai cook in town!

Hero:  The King of Thailand, who else?

Favourite Movie:  Breakfast at Tiffanys (Audrey Hepburn is her favourite)

07 3368 3895