Jeremy Stevens Staff Bio - AwardsAndTrophies
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Jeremy Stevens - The Director

Meet Jeremy, our hard-working, chilled-out and talented Sales Manager and Graphic Designer!  Not only does he manage his team with a caring hand, he also turns words into art to give our customers beautiful awards and trophies. 

When he's not working, Jerry loves beer and makes biltong like no other Australian.  His biltong was voted better than our resident Saffer, Andre (by 2 out of 3 respondents - pretty sure Jerry was one of them).  Jeremy dreams of directing movies and in his spare time makes up movie titles (most of them can't be repeated here); he takes his inspirations from day-to-day conversations around him.  Jerry is also a huge Brisbane Roar fan and religiously swelters in his orange scarf through the entire Brisbane summer.  Quite a talented sportsman himself, he longs to strap the boots on and run out when the Roar are a goal or two down, the fear of spilling his beer holding him back.

Vital Stats

AKA Jerry, Jerold, Jeremiah, Jeronimo, Mr Jezza, hairy jerry quite contrary.

Real Role:  Sales Manager, Graphic Designer

Likes:  Beer, riding my motorbike & football (soccer).  Doing the worm.

Dislikes:  Inconsiderate drivers.  Drivers in general.

Claim to Fame:  Distantly related to Gary Sweet (Actor).   Better looking than Gary Sweet.  Did the worm at a work Xmas Party.

Hero:  Chuck Norris.  Peppa Pig.

Favourite Movie:  A Night at the Roxbury.  Peppa Pig's Australian Holiday.
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